Where Wellness Meets Sustainability

It’s always welcome when a brand hits the market whose focus is on wellness. There are a lot of quality brands that ensure their products are good for the body, but what about the resources used to make these products?

Do the same brands who strive to make healthy products you eat put the same effort into caring for the world around them? Not always. Natreve is different. Their variety of wellness products are effective and innovative. As a company, their approach to wellness is fresh and modern because it doesn’t just worry about internal health; they also take steps to care for the environment.

Wellness with a twist

Natreve makes premium wellness products with a purpose. Their products are gluten-free and non-GMO. Natreve is also an accessible brand. You can order Natreve online through Amazon and Walmart, or you can walk into a CVS or Fresh St. Market (in Canada) and find dietary supplements from their whey protein series, vegan protein series and keto collagen. An added bonus– Natreve has just introduced their new Wellness series. These convenient packs are easily mixed into your water and address a variety of areas of wellness — sleep, stress, and and immune strength.

Their mission is wellness, but Natreve took the unique approach of looking beyond just the body. This mission includes an eye toward sustainability. They’re positively impacting the environment while helping the individual. As a result, Natreve is the first wellness company certified as both Carbon Neutral and Plastic Neutral.

Offsetting carbon

To offset their carbon footprint, Natreve is a member of IMPACT COLLECTIVE, an organization that brings together like-minded brands who are conscious of how they affect the world around them. Taking the steps to become carbon neutral means offsetting the carbon released during manufacturing by supporting certified environmental projects. You’ll find mention of their inclusion in IMPACT on Natreve’s website, cluing you in that their products that are not only high quality, but also support sustainability.

Addressing plastic waste

The plastic used for Natreve packaging is also offset through a partnership with Plastic Bank. By purchasing Social Plastic Collection Credits, Natreve offsets their plastic use by helping collect ocean-bound plastic for recycling.

The new norm in the wellness industry

With a commitment to wellness that goes beyond the body, Natreve is helping inspire the entire industry. Their commitment to sustainability coupled with their superior products make them a brand that understands impact, and how far a mission toward wellness can really go.