Happy Campers

Happy Campers bread is gluten-free, wheat-free and vegan. Our gluten-free, organic bread contains no soy, refined sugars, GMOs or hanky-panky whatsoever. Theyʼre handmade in our dedicated gluten-free bakery in Portland, Oregon, and all our high-quality ingredients come from gluten-free sources. It’s the homemade gluten-free bread of your dreams!


At Atlanticus, we facilitate financial solutions to meet the needs of everyday consumers. Whether it’s credit for day to day expenses, important purchases, replacing a car, or managing the complexities of healthcare, we enable the tools that help consumers manage their financial well-being. Having been in business for over 20 years, we have helped fund $25 billion in loans to over 17 million consumers by enabling lending partners to create quality products that help the financially underserved. We also want to do our part for the environment reaching beyond the customers we serve today and help the planet. Through our membership in IMPACT Collective we are mitigating our carbon footprint.


HOLISTIK Wellness delivers water soluble, CBD Wellness in a portable, convenient Stir STIK, so you can easily make whatever you are drinking, hot or cold, into a CBD beverage. Everything your body experiences, like mood, digestion, and sleep, is regulated by your internal endocannabinoid system. Their STIKs combine all natural, functional ingredients with CBD Wellness to activate this natural potential. CBD Wellness is a proprietary blend of hemp extract collected from US, greenhouse grown plants that we nurture from seed to STIK. Through their unique water solubilization process, they extract the most beneficial parts of the plant to ensure every STIK is brimming with CBD Wellness. HOLISTIK has pledged to offset 4x the amount of plastic used in each of their products, the equivalent of one plastic bottle removed from the environment, making them plastic-negative.


Bitsy’s snacks bring together the best of both worlds! With all the goodness of organic farm veggies and the imagination found on playgrounds everywhere, they’re baked with love and made for sharing. At Bitsy’s, we make better snacks for families. Baked with organic veggies, lots of love and inspiration in every bite, they’re our way of building a better world, bit by bit. This is why we’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint through our membership with the Impact Collective.


Premium Wellness with a purpose. The World’s first Plastic Neutral and Carbon Neutral Wellness Company. At Natreve we feel you shouldn’t sacrifice taste, quality or doing good for the planet. We ensure that 100% equivalency of what we ship is collected out of ocean bound and ocean plastic waste, while providing economic empowerment to the impoverished. Our ethos truly is providing whole food premium quality ingredients while helping the planet one bottle at a time. Truly innovative whole food focused premium wellness with a purpose. Eat Right, Do Good!


Prayani features a line of Raita Indian Yogurts that are used as a healthy and flavorful alternative to sour cream based dips. Prayani’s mission is to bring people and communities together through food. They delight in exploring the world. They believe that experiencing new cultures leads to understanding, empathy, and acceptance. They know that every day can be an adventure if we remember to look for it. Prayani is committed to reducing its plastic footprint and is a proud member of the Impact Collective.