Featured Members

The Urban Spice Shop

The Urban Spice Shop was established with the intention of providing customers with high-quality organic spices sourced from various parts of the world. The Urban Spice Shop’s goal is very simple…to take organic products mainstream. They only sell products that are grown organically and certified by accredited institutions and believe that the future is all about sustainable and natural products. The Urban Spice Shop strives to bring the best out of the spices they offer, tantalizing your senses and enhancing your culinary experience. All of their spices are carefully sourced and hand-packed, ensuring that the natural flavor and freshness are guaranteed. Through their membership in IMPACT COLLECTIVE, The Urban Spice Shop will be offsetting 100% of their carbon and plastic footprint.


Chella strives to make products that are vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Nothing is ever tested on animals, and each item is crafted with the intention of bringing out the natural beauty of an individual as well. Significant care is put into ingredient selection. Taking a big step, Chella is working with IMPACT COLLECTIVE to go both carbon and plastic neutral by offsetting their current footprints. This action fully impacts their business and Chella hopes it will inspire others within the beauty industry to do the same.

Carlson Labs

Carlson Labs is as committed to the environment as they are to the high quality of their products. Their fish oils contain only the purest, most potent oil from deep, unpolluted waters, using low-impact fisheries, with ethical practices and sustainable methods. Ensuring the sustainability of fishing stock is a top priority, and as everyone continues hearing more about plastic and its impact on the environment and on waterways, Carlson wants to make certain that consumers know all of their bottles are recyclable, and they want to go one step further by reducing the environmental impact of plastics by joining the IMPACT COLLECTIVE mission to help remove plastic from the environment.

incrEDIBLE eats

An innovative alternative to plastic, incrEDIBLE has crafted a tasty, edible spoon. “Our mission behind edible cutlery started with a deep commitment to save our oceans for future generations,” says Jack Kneubuhl, Spoon Visionary at incrEDIBLE.

Made from wheat, corn, chickpea, and barley, the spoon holds its integrity for up to 30 minutes, even in extreme temperatures. Use it to enjoy a steaming bowl of soup or a delicious cup of ice cream, and anything in between.

Through the variety of programs offered to IMPACT members, incrEDIBLE is able to function as both a carbon neutral and plastic negative company. This means they not only balance out their carbon footprint while making delicious, edible spoons, but they also take more plastic out of the environment than they put into it.

Talty Bar

Talty Bar marries the three most important elements of a protein bar — taste, texture, and ingredients. The bars play into a healthy and active lifestyle, but are also perfect for those who want to enjoy something good that’s good for you. Now, in partnering with IMPACT COLLECTIVE, Talty Bar can take their sustainability mission even further. By going both carbon and plastic neutral, this partnership enables Talty Bar to take action themselves and lead others by example.


KADA’s beautiful, responsibly-designed silhouettes will quickly become foundational pieces in any wardrobe. Sustainability is KADA’s north star – from reducing the number of seams on each garment, to sourcing eco-conscious materials or using gorgeous fabrics left over elsewhere in manufacturing, KADA is constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep waste to a minimum while ensuring that every piece is built to last. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome them to IMPACT COLLECTIVE to offset their water waste through our global water projects!


HOLISTIK Wellness delivers water soluble, CBD Wellness in a portable, convenient Stir STIK, so you can easily make whatever you are drinking, hot or cold, into a CBD beverage. “HOLISTIK Wellness is a young brand but we pride ourselves as being leaders in making the right choices in everything we do, in the Cannabis Category. This category, and many other common household goods categories, are littered with plastic packaging and regulations leading to more packaging, and we need to solve the problem via finding a better biodegradable solution and working hard to clean up what already exists. We hope that through our partnership and action, we drive others to do the same and consumers to demand it of any product that makes it into their basket,” says CEO TJ Stouder.