At MASAMI, each hair care product begins with Mekabu, an ocean botanical from the seas of northeastern Japan. It’s known to locals for its health-giving properties. This, combined with other natural ingredients, led to the creation of a complete hair care line that botanically hydrates hair without weighing it down. After establishing a product that fights the stigma that haircare products are full of chemicals, MASAMI looked to its packaging and manufacturing processes. “We believe that when we take from the Earth, we should replenish it,” says Lynn Power, MASAMI Co-Founder & CEO. This means sustainability is a key value within the company and IMPACT COLLECTIVE is the perfect partner to imbue balance into their business. With the mission to improve package sustainability, MASAMI is working with IMPACT to become both plastic neutral and carbon neutral!

Talty Bar

Talty Bar marries the three most important elements of a protein bar — taste, texture, and ingredients. The bars play into a healthy and active lifestyle, but are also perfect for those who want to enjoy something good that’s good for you. Now, in partnering with IMPACT COLLECTIVE, Talty Bar can take their sustainability mission even further. By going both carbon and plastic neutral, this partnership enables Talty Bar to take action themselves and lead others by example.


KADA’s beautiful, responsibly-designed silhouettes will quickly become foundational pieces in any wardrobe. Sustainability is KADA’s north star – from reducing the number of seams on each garment, to sourcing eco-conscious materials or using gorgeous fabrics left over elsewhere in manufacturing, KADA is constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep waste to a minimum while ensuring that every piece is built to last. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome them to IMPACT COLLECTIVE to offset their water waste through our global water projects!

Happy Campers

Happy Campers offers bread mixes, bars, fresh loaves of bread, and buns. Their homemade organic bread is gluten-free, wheat-free, and vegan. Made from ancient grains, there’s no soy, refined sugars, or GMO’s. Happy Campers products are good for the body, and that aligned perfectly with their corporate philosophy of being kind to others and doing the right thing. “Partnership with IMPACT COLLECTIVE is a crucial step for Happy Campers to become part of the plastic crisis solution, raise awareness, and provide education to our community,” say co-founders Jan & Lacy. Today, for every loaf of bread Happy Campers sells, they reduce its environmental impact by reclaiming its packaging (in weight) from ocean-bound plastic.


Atlanticus, an Atlanta-based corporation, is diving in headfirst to do its part to improve our environment for the long-term. Working with IMPACT COLLECTIVE, Atlanticus has committed to offsetting 100 percent of the carbon footprint created by paper statements. By investing in projects around the world that prioritize carbon innovation, Atlanticus is using our partnership to demonstrate its understanding that issues like climate change impact all areas of all our lives. What’s even more inspiring is that, through this act, Atlanticus can help educate its own employees, business partners, and customers on how easy it is, through small actions, to help the world at large.


HOLISTIK Wellness delivers water soluble, CBD Wellness in a portable, convenient Stir STIK, so you can easily make whatever you are drinking, hot or cold, into a CBD beverage. “HOLISTIK Wellness is a young brand but we pride ourselves as being leaders in making the right choices in everything we do, in the Cannabis Category. This category, and many other common household goods categories, are littered with plastic packaging and regulations leading to more packaging, and we need to solve the problem via finding a better biodegradable solution and working hard to clean up what already exists. We hope that through our partnership and action, we drive others to do the same and consumers to demand it of any product that makes it into their basket,” says CEO TJ Stouder.