Finding the Perfect Protein Bar Trifecta to Fill the Void

What’s your favorite snack? For many, reaching for something while on-the-run means it must be easy to eat and simply packaged. Protein bars often fit the bill. However, this is a growing industry, which means you have many different options when picking your perfect protein bar. 

You used to have to make compromises to get to the perfect bar. That is until Talty Bar entered the protein scene.

From humble beginnings

It all started out simply enough. Tim Talty, Chef and CEO of Talty Bar wanted to eat better, but he also wanted food he enjoyed. As someone with culinary experience, he quickly realized that the best way to find the perfect products was to make them himself.

This is how Talty Bar, the product, and the company, emerged. “I started Talty Bar because I saw a problem in the protein bar industry and I was passionate about the solution,” says Talty, who worked hard to create the right product for consumers.

Talty Bar is a win-win-win

Talty Bar marries the three most important elements of a protein bar — taste, texture, and ingredients. Often on the market, you’ll find a bar that hits greatness on two of the three. To get the trifecta into Talty Bar was the ultimate goal of the product. The bars play into a healthy and active lifestyle, but are also perfect for those who want to enjoy something delicious that’s good for you.

You can find it in a variety of flavors, including:

  • Apple Strudel
  • Chocolate Coconut
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso
  • Fig & Cashew
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

Sustainability is not a singular mission

Talty Bar’s core value is to identify and fix problems in ways that are mutually beneficial. Their protein bar does this, but that’s only one way the company strives to bring people together. Their environmental impact is another.

Talty Bar takes pride in the fact that their work, “allows everyone to do a little good.” Addressing environmental issues from the start, Talty Bar began by sourcing the majority of their ingredients from as many direct sources as possible. They also partner with companies already engaged in sustainability programs. These steps bring people together to accomplish a goal. In this case, the goal is to preserve the environment. 

Now, in partnering with IMPACT COLLECTIVE, Talty Bar can take their sustainability mission even further. By going both carbon and plastic neutral, this partnership enables Talty Bar to take action themselves and lead others by example.

“Just as we hope to inspire our customers to treat their bodies right, our partnership with IMPACT COLLECTIVE will expose our customer base to the importance of responsibility and sustainability when it comes to the earth – the place where we ALL work and play,” says Talty.

Talty Bar’s level of awareness when it comes to sustainability and being environmentally responsible makes them a perfect partner for IMPACT. 

So, grab a Talty Bar for your next high-protein snack and fill your belly while you help protect our planet!