17 Brands That Are Helping the Environment

With so much hitting the news to worry about these days, it’s time to shift gears. Great things are happening in the world, especially when it comes to the health of our planet.

At IMPACT COLLECTIVE, we pride ourselves on helping companies make their own good news through sustainable choices. It’s great to see how our contribution, and those of our partners fits so perfectly into the mix of what others are doing as well.

Let’s hear it for the good news

  • Coffee waste can actually help forests recover faster. A study in Costa Rica spread coffee pulp on a section of agricultural land and saw a recovery time that was 4x faster.
  • A school district in Batesville, Arkansas provided teachers with raises by using solar power to cut their operating costs. The district installed almost 1,500 solar panels which now generate about half the district’s electricity.
  • Making a food wrapper using a byproduct of kombucha, Scoby Packaging could help replace single-use plastics.
  • Sourcing eco-conscious materials, KADA is transforming their contribution to the fashion industry.
  • Also working on package sustainability, MASAMI is putting as much care into their bottles as they do in the ingredient selection for their haircare products.
  • Creating a perfect protein bar was only half the mission at Talty Bar. Their dedication to going both carbon and plastic neutral is where the lasting impact will be felt.
  • Tackling the issue of plastic in our oceans, Happy Campers reclaims its bread packaging, in weight, from the world’s waters.
  • Even banks are getting into the sustainability game. Atlanticus is offsetting 100 percent of the carbon footprint their paper statements generate.
  • As a young company, HOLISTIK Wellness is thinking about packaging early by doing their part to find a better, biodegradable solution, and working to clean up the waste already out there.
  • Revolutionizing the spoon, and giving you an edible alternative to plastic, incrEDIBLE perfected a tasty spoon you can eat after you use it. What’s left will naturally biodegrade, keeping plastic out of our oceans.
  • Natreve applies their mission of wellness to healing the environment as well. They’re working to become carbon neutral and offset their plastic use.
  • Addressing the many food deserts across the U.S. with a healthy, and affordable, snack product, Bitsy’s is filling a major need in the country in addition to offsetting their carbon footprint.

Major companies also are making plans to go completely carbon neutral in the next few decades. This change will have a huge impact on the quality of our air. Heavy hitters include:

  • Apple’s pledge to go carbon neutral by 2030 extends across its entire business, supply chain, and product line.
  • IBM is also pledging to hit carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • Amazon is pledging to go carbon neutral by 2040.
  • FedEx is pledging to go carbon neutral, which means a huge investment in electric vehicles, by 2040.
  • Walmart is targeting a zero emissions status by 2040 with the additional pledge to protect, manage, or restore at least 50 million acres of land and one million miles of ocean by 2030.

Keep it coming

Finding good news amidst so much uncertainty is a welcome change, and it’s even better to see the concern businesses at every level are showing for the environment. As a business owner, if you’re ready to join this celebratory list, contact IMPACT COLLECTIVE. We’re here to help you establish sustainable practices that demonstrate the conscientiousness of your brand and your dedication to keeping our planet operating at its best.
A special thanks to Happy Eco News for bringing positivity like this together to share with others.