Meet the Brand That’s Changing the Hair Industry– One Shampoo at a Time

Hair is a big deal in the beauty industry. How it looks and how it feels matters, but hair care products are notoriously harmful to the environment. They contribute to the almost 7.9 billion units of rigid plastic used in the industry according to Euromonitor International. This is plastic that can end up in oceans, landfills, or littering our environment.

Then there are the ingredients. Certain chemicals found in shampoos are not eco-friendly. When you’ve got Ammonium Chloride and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (try pronouncing that one) in your hair care products, you’ve got a problem. As they wash out of your hair, and go down your drain, these chemicals can harm our water supply. 

These two factors are what inspired MASAMI to think differently when creating their own products.

A botanical base

At MASAMI, each hair care product begins with Mekabu, an ocean botanical from the seas of northeastern Japan. It’s known to locals for its health-giving properties. This, combined with other natural ingredients, led to the creation of a complete hair care line that botanically hydrates hair without weighing it down.

MASAMI makes shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, and more.

A replenishing goal

After establishing a product that fights the stigma that haircare products are full of chemicals, MASAMI looked to its packaging and manufacturing processes. “We believe that when we take from the Earth, we should replenish it,” says Lynn Power, MASAMI Co-Founder & CEO. This means sustainability is a key value within the company and IMPACT COLLECTIVE is the perfect partner to imbue balance into their business.

With the mission to improve package sustainability, MASAMI is working with IMPACT to become both plastic neutral and carbon neutral.They’re also thinking outside the box by releasing a refillable, ceramic bottle consumers can use to get their MASAMI products.

Balance in plastic use

Becoming plastic neutral means MASAMI offsets their plastic usage to keep waste in check. For every plastic bottle MASAMI creates, an equivalent amount of plastic waste is removed from the environment in one way or another. 

Partnering with IMPACT means a direct connection to organizations reclaiming ocean-bound plastic from the environment, cleaning up our waters at the same time.

Balance in carbon emissions

When a business becomes carbon neutral, they’re offsetting the carbon emissions necessary to manufacture their products to achieve a net-zero CO2 output. Another important piece to  MASAMI’s sustainability message, working with IMPACT allows them to tap into available carbon reduction projects that range from reforestation to landfill gas capture.

Passing along the sustainability message

Finding the right outlet to achieve their sustainability goals has brought MASAMI even closer to its ultimate environmental mission. The team hopes that by using their smaller brand to identify with environmentally-friendly practices, bigger brands will feel inspired to take a closer look at their own methods. MASAMI wants to get the ball rolling when it comes to sustainability and the environment, and with that momentum, manifest change when it comes to the behaviors of every brand.