Merging Missions – IMPACT and Arbor Day Foundation Think Big Together

With the mission of making our world cleaner and greener, Arbor Day Foundation initiatives focus on planting trees where we really need them. This means repopulating forests, but also looking at our urban communities.

Outside of Arbor Day, where organized efforts across the country inspire individuals to care about their environment, and put new trees into the ground in impressive numbers, the foundation consistently works to replant forests, save the rainforest, and make a positive impact on the health of our planet.

The goal of all this action is to help educate others on the impact trees can have in relation to many global issues bearing down on us today. From air quality to water purity, the changing climate, and more, significant things can change thanks to trees.

A perfect partner

With sustainability on the brain, partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation was an easy choice at IMPACT COLLECTIVE. Our members, and ourselves, all have one thing in common: finding solutions that make an immediate and positive impact on the world around us. 

This happens when we’re able to neutralize our environmental footprint in as many ways as possible. With the carbon-guzzling power of trees, the Arbor Day Foundation gives us the opportunity to further our mission, all while beautifying our communities with these green giants.

The time for trees is here

One way this is happening is through Time for Trees. This Arbor Day Foundation initiative plans to plant 100 million trees by 2022– the same year as the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day. There will be so much to celebrate!

One hundred million trees is a significant number because of the power behind so many new trees. Not only will planting inspire millions of people to participate, but the trees themselves will:

  • Absorb 8 million tons of carbon.
  • Remove 578,000 tons of chemical air pollution from the atmosphere.
  • Intercept and filter 7.1 billion cubic meters of water runoff.

These numbers are huge, but their impact is even greater. Eight million tons of carbon is equal to taking 6.2 million cars off the road for an entire year. The amount of water runoff offset is enough to fill a water bottle for every person on Earth, daily, for five years. These numbers say something powerful and demonstrate the importance of sustainability.

We’re thankful for organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation that prioritize our planet’s health and empower its people to make positive change.