Spicing Up Sustainability — Meet The Urban Spice Shop

Think about the contents of your pantry. In the simplest of terms, most people have dry goods, like rice, pasta, and flour; canned goods like tomatoes and veggies; snacks like chips and nuts; and spices.

With so many different types of spices and seasonings, this section of your pantry might be the biggest, but do you ever think about where your spices come from?

In 2020, over 300 million Americans used some kind of seasoning when they cooked. And, while you may not think of who makes your spices when you go to buy them in-store, it might be time to reconsider. You use them so much, shouldn’t you know where they’re coming from?

Spice and sustainability

Taking spice seriously, and holding sustainability at the heart of their company, The Urban Spice Shop loves watching the world move toward a healthier way of living. To help in the quest for high-quality, organic spices, the company sources ingredients from across the globe. The goal is to bring the best out of the spice world to tantalize senses and enhance the culinary experience.

With operations based in Singapore and Sri Lanka, this newest IMPACT COLLECTIVE partner hopes to help shape the future of ingredient sourcing. This isn’t always so simple, when you can’t buy local, and most spices thrive in a very specific environment.

Making an immediate difference

By committing to offset their products’ carbon and plastic use, The Urban Spice Shop strives to reduce their brand’s environmental footprint. Examining their practices as they relate to waste and single-use plastics led them to IMPACT COLLECTIVE so they could make an immediate difference.

The Urban Spice Shop is also exploring sustainable, organic cultivation options to do right by the environment as their spices grow.

Serving up quality spices

Spices have a long and storied history. Considered some of the most valuable items to trade within ancient and medieval times, spices have been in circulation for thousands of years. Beginning in the Middle East, spice use eventually spread to the Mediterranean and finally to Europe before traveling across the ocean to the U.S.

Today, spices are vital ingredients in the dishes that bind us to our cultural roots, thus their legacy of value and richness continues.

The Urban Spice Shop carries it on in their own way. With certified organic, hand-packed spices, they put extra care into each of their 16 different offerings. Spices range from every day, black or white pepper, to more exotic options like Mace, Cardamom, and Star Anise.

Many of the spices come in different forms as well, including coarse, powder, seeds, flakes, and whole spices. 

The Urban Spice Shop has both retail products as well as foodservice products suitable for restaurants, cafes, culinary chains, and hotels.

Adding spice to the COLLECTIVE

Looking to offset or eliminate any adverse impact their internal processes have on the environment, finding IMPACT COLLECTIVE proved an essential element to achieving this goal. IMPACT COLLECTIVE helps brands like The Urban Spice Shop connect with organizations already doing good in the world, making it easier to reduce or even completely neutralize their environmental footprint.

Such an environmentally-conscious partner is a great addition to the IMPACT COLLECTIVE  family.