Romer Skincare– Our First Water, Carbon and Plastic Neutral Brand

Many of us use beauty products on our faces and wonder how the ingredient list came together. It’s hard to look at what’s in our products, and know for sure everything is truly safe. The only way to know is to understand where our products are coming from, and to support companies willing to show transparency in how things are made.

Romer Skincare does just that. By focusing on simple, clean skincare, without the harmful stuff, Romer addresses the daily skincare challenges we all face from stress, long hours, dehydration, and lack of sleep with an ingredient list that’s non-toxic, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Skincare industry waste is real

Creating products that are ethically and sustainably sourced resonates with Romer because there’s a bigger issue at hand in the skincare world. The 128 billion units of packing produced each year in the personal care and cosmetics industry contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest. This is what we sacrifice annually as we buy cosmetics, lotions, and more without taking packaging into consideration.

Romer, who implements practices grounded in environmental stewardship all along their supply chain, uses recycled plastic in their bottles and tubes. Additionally, all shipping materials are made from recycled materials or those that are biodegradable.

“We believe customers deserve peace of mind when it comes to the products they use every day. Unfortunately, honesty, integrity and transparency are often overlooked in the beauty industry,” says Lauren Rome, the company’s Founder, “which is why it is imperative that Romer Skincare’s dedication to people and the planet extends well beyond what’s in the bottles of our products.”

Combatting the damage in more ways than one

Romer takes a ‘skinminalism’ approach with products that focus on quality over quantity. Their three items — a nourishing gel-oil cleanser, a lightweight daily moisturizer, and a hydrating treatment mask for day or night use — work individually or as a three-step regimen. Sustainably packaged and shipped, this is where Romer started their partnership with the environment, but not where it ended.

Building the right partnerships

Joining IMPACT COLLECTIVE is helping Romer remain water, plastic, and carbon neutral as a business. This involves a multistep list of activities that collectively demonstrate Romer’s commitment to the environment, and its willingness to share its good work with consumers. With IMPACT’s help, Romer is:

  • Offsetting the environmental impact of every one of their products sold by reclaiming 100% of its packaging, in weight, from ocean-bound plastic.
  • Investing in certified community plastic collection projects in the areas of the world most impacted, based on ocean currents, by plastic pollution.
  • Becoming a Certified Carbon Neutral business through its investment in renewable energy and carbon offset programs.
  • Neutralizing its water footprint by 100% as well by participating in certified water restoration projects.

“We want our customers to know that when they buy Romer, they can rest assured we are doing everything we possibly can to mitigate and offer our plastic, carbon and water impacts,” says Rome.

The goal is clear for Romer Skincare both in the products they make and the type of company they run. You’ll see evidence of their commitment to sustainability and quality in everything they do!